Fan Removed From Football Game For Insulting Redskins Honored At Halftime


A drunken fan was forcibly removed by FedEx Field security last night after yelling a derogatory slur at a group of redskins being honored at halftime.

The redskins, a group of ex-Marine Navajo code-talkers, were being recognized for their brave service in World War II, in which they developed and translated codes based on their native language, undoubtedly saving countless American lives in the Pacific theatre of the war.

But things quickly turned ugly when, minutes into the ceremony, a clearly inebriated fan stood and pointed at one of the redskin marines and shouted, “Hey look, it’s Old Red Featherhead!” He then began slapping his palm into his open mouth, emulating an Indian battle cry, before he was stopped and escorted from the field by security.

“Completely unacceptable behavior,” said Redskins owner and redskin supporter Daniel Snyder after the game. “Here we are, trying to recognize and honor some redskin war heroes, and one of our fans goes and yells a terrible, ugly slur.”

“Well, our fans are better than that,” Snyder continued. “I think 99 percent of the people here understand that epithets and outdated, racially insensitive caricatures have no place in the NFL. This was just one fan who drunkenly thought it would be fun to disparage and dehumanize this courageous group of redskins. It will not be tolerated.”

The man, identified as Anthony D’Agostino of Bowie, Maryland, has since had his season tickets revoked per the team’s fan behavior policy.

“That guinea won’t be returning for Redskins football any time soon,” said Snyder.

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